Thursday, June 18, 2009

MOBS & Alicewonders Giveaway-win a bag of your choice!!!

GOOd NEWS.... Wonderful giveaway has comeback...

Grand Prize Winner x1
FREE Bag of winner's choice (any bag for sale available on website)
1 FREE Designer PurseHook with velvet pouch worth Rm20

Consolation Prize Winners x5
1 FREE Designer PurseHook with velvet pouch worth Rm20
Hi there.... this is very-very goodddddd news to all women, especially to mummy in da world.. wa... so big anouncement ha.... The MOBS & Alicewonders have make a giveaway.. i don't want miss it... Just choose your dream bag then tell them why you need the bag so much.... easy ha.

Variety beautiful and colourful bag that you can choose one as the prize

Also get free designer purse hook

I'm so happy today... coz i can choose my dream bag... if i given the opportunity to choose, i want the Hellen Keller Lady Laptop Tote bag... so long name but simple valuable bag...
The design of the bag is so simple but i like it... it's look smart and stylo to me... the colour is black and easy to take care from any dirty look. I feel so stylish when wear that bag... Hot mama wanna be!
Hellen Keller Lady Laptop Tote bag
I really need the bag because i always bring my laptop everywhere... For work and do entertainment thing la (blogging)... but my laptop bag was broken... because it was too old.. besides that, its not the branded ones... Now i just bring my laptop by using ST bag pack (my Husband gift from his company). Hahaha.. Like a school children bring that bag. Psstt.. don't tell anybody ha...

My recent laptop bag

See on the laptop screen, my dream laptop bag

So hopefully la that i got this giveaway... pray...pray.. please... sob sob sob... huhuhuhuh... just kidding... i'm not crying to get this bag but really hope i win the dream bag... thank to the MOBS and Alicewonders for this contest... hopefully there are another contest or giveaway after this... can la... i love to join the contest so much... hahahaa contest crazy!!!
So, don't wait anymore, win your dream bag!!! Hurry up join this giveaway...

Those who want to join this giveaway please click: The MOBS & Alicewonders Giveaway

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